ITKO | The fish restaurant in Verona and province

ITKō , fish in Valpolicella!

An exclusive and welcoming location in the heart of Valpolicella. Situated in the main square of Sant’Amborgio di Valpolicella, ITKō is the place where you can spend quality time. A fish restaraunt that varies from aperitif to the smartest lunches and to follow dinner. Only top quality fish, cooked in the simplest form, guaranteeing the integrity and the respect of prime goods.

A place that is different from the usual Valpolicella locals, with a strong personality, , refined, welcoming, informal and relaxing, every detail is especially taken care of, the proposals are all of fresh fish and the atmosphere that acompanies the client, is the distinctive point of the Wine Bar and the Restaurant in Valpolicella

ristorante di pesce valpolicella

Wine Bar is Cicchetti of fish in Valpolicella

Aperitif, after dinner, smart lunch or easy dinner

Inside or on the terrace of our  Wine Bar, we will welcome you with a menu proposal of tasty food, based strictly of fresh fish, oysters, scampi, tartare, au gratin, fried food to which you can match a suitable wine depending on your meal choice, timeless aperitifs or our alternative cocktail proposals. We are not just a traditional fish restaurant, but also a place where you can spend a lovely evening, having an appetizer with friends and some finely created fish cicchetti

The fish restaurant in Valpolicella ITKō

For lunch and dinner, quality sea food

Where can you go to eat in Verona and the Province? If you love fish, we advise you to come and meet us. Our culinary proposals are born from the research of the product and its simple processing, leaving its flavours whole and following the sea and vegetable seasonality, ensuring a healthy and light cuisine.

If you are in the company of vegetarian family or friends, vegans or meat lovers? Please advise us when you are booking, we will be able to satisfy your needs. Tell our staff the number of people that would like a change of menu and specify whether they prefer meat, vegetarina or vegan

ristorante di pesce

ITKō, Wine Bar & Restaurant in Valpolicella

ITKō was born thanks to the will of three friends …

Born by chance, like the passions that are not chosen, but simply happen.
Matteo, wine selection and hospitality, Serena, the interpreter of your wishes in event management.
Ask for the right person and you will have the answers you are looking for!

ristorante di pesce
ristoanti a verona e dintorni

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