ITKō, the fish menu in Valpolicella

Savor the taste of quality fish

The strength of the restaurant is certainly the high quality of the raw material: sea fish! In ITKō, a restaurant in Valpolicella, we offer fish cuisine with a refined product, but simple in preparation, so as to leave the authentic flavors of the fish intact. A menu based on healthy and light fish, which follows the seasonality of the sea and the vegetable garden.
The skilled hands of the chef bring to the table experiences to share and goodness that satisfy whims of every palate. The wine list favors natural wines that combine well with the dishes on offer.

We’ve thought of every single dish with a fast but never dull fish menu: fish appetizers with carpaccio and lobster; first courses of fish with scampi or lobster, not to mention rice with seared galinella. Second courses of fish are a real delight: Turbot in bread crust, Catalan Lobster and roasted croaker … just to give you a first taste. But we cannot fail to mention our raw seafood, for a unique experience of taste and unique contact with the raw material.

Our Menù

The kitchen is open from 12.00 pm to 4.00 pm


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