ITKO | Fish Restaurant | Discover our dishes

ITKō, the fish restaurant in Valpolicella

High quality sea fish lunch and dinner

The restaurant ITKō is a refined environment, but at the same time welcoming, informal and relaxing. Every detail is cured, it is the right place for special events, but also a restaurant where you can have business dinners,  lunch with friends or just simply a day for “me and you”. A fish restaurant in the province of Verona that will immediately impress you due to its attention to every detail that distinguish the environments and the mise en place. You will be delighted by our fish menu proposals that always follow the right sea and vegetable seasons, prepared to keep the flavours intact.

Dinning room and convivial table

For bigger groups

The restaurant dining room is accompanied by nautical maps painted on the vaults, the refined wooden tables and in cerasarda can host approximately seventy people. A place where you can eat fish in Verona combining the proposed quality of the dishes with a sought after and convivial location.
If you wish to be surrounded by wines with the sound of running water in the background, join the convivial table. It can hold twelve people and it is the best place for a table of friends or to make new friends

The private room

A solution for your meetings or events

Situated on the first floor, the private room is nicely furnished, cofortable and bright. It is available for private events, meetings, courses or group meetings. We also have the possibility of finishing your event with a buffet dinner or a farewell aperitif. Please check our meeting and events page.


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